Speed Programming

Eligibility Criteria

The team should consist of maximum 3 participants.
The participant must be enrolled as an undergraduate in any recognized Institute/University.
The participant should not be affiliated with organizing or management of this event.


• The competition will take place in two rounds of 60 minutes each.
• The first round will be the elimination round through which only top 10 teams will qualify.
• The second round will be the final round in which teams will deal with more advanced problems.

Evaluation Criteria

• Speed (time) of completion of all tasks in each round.
• No. of tasks completed.
• Quality of code.

Rules and Regulation

• The team has to complete as many tasks as it can in each round.
• Top scoring teams in the Elimination round will move to compete in the Competitive round.
• Internet, USBs, and laptops are not allowed.
• The decision of judges will be final and cannot be challenged.
• Participants must bring their University ID Card.
• Students suspected of cheating, in the judge's estimation, will be disqualified and asked to leave.

What is Speed Programming?

Speed programming competition will test one’s logic building skills in a timed contest. The team(s) with the most number of correctly programs made at the end of the time limit or all correctly programs done before time limit wins.

Fees: Rs. 500/person

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Programming Languages

• C++
• Java


• Eclipse
• Dev-C++

Speed Programming