Speed Programming

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About Speed Programming

You have to be smart enough to be fast enough! The competition title speaks for itself. You will return as the champion from this Civil War of Code Heroes if you are The Flash in the realm of programming. This competition shall leave its participants a lasting taste of thorough programming concepts and logic with an under flavour of the art of debugging while the stakes are high and your pants are on fire. We will make sure this experience leaves you enriched with the swift use of coding blocks to solve a problem set. So are you ready to throw your hat into the ring and to put your shoulder to the wheel in order to make history?

Rules and Regulation

A team of maximum three will work on the qualifying round, where:

Qualifying Round: This round will be of 1 hour. Different task will be provided out of which atleast 3 must be completed. Only those team who have successfully passed the first round will be allowed in final round.
Final Round: The qualifying teams will be again given different tasks, out of which atleast 3 task should be completed in 1 hour. Top 3 teams with highest points will be selected as winners.


  • C
  • C++
  • C#
  • Java
  • Python

Evaluation Criteria

  • Program gives required output on different inputs.
  • The input should be taken from Input files provided for each task.
  • Reusability of Code, Hard coded programs will attract low points.
  • The team which submits the tasks earlier gains more points.
  • Code should be flexible.
P.S. Use of internet is NOT allowed.