About Gaming

ITEC’16 welcomes you to the ultimate gaming arena! Escape the reality and land into the virtual world of might-is-right with us. Team up or play single-handedly! Brace yourselves for some serious action! Push your limits further than you have ever before to see the face of your next nemesis. You have to face the bests in the business and then one to be crowned the victor. Select from your favorite games, Join us at our labs as they become the central hub of activity as the reflexes of young gamers are at their intimidating best!

Games this year:

  1. FIFA'14 (Registration Fee: Rs 400/participant)

  2. Counter Strike (Registration Fee: Rs 1000/team)

  3. Need For Speed (Registration Fee: Rs 400/participant)


Rules and Regulation

  • After each match winner will stay and the looser will be disqualified.
  • Each match will be of 6min.
  • No cheat codes allowed.
  • Each player is allowed to pause the game two time during a single match, for a duration of 30 second.
  • Any player who scores a 5 goal lead within the game shall be granted instant victory ONLY in the group stages. Example 5-0, 6-1, 7-2 etc.
  • Classic Extra time format will be followed.
  • Kit colours of the respective teams should be mutually accepted.
  • A toss will be conducted to choose which player will play as the home side.
  • Classic XI and World XI teams are NOT allowed.
  • Players will be allotted a time of only 1 minute to manage controller settings along with team management. No query will be entertained after the match has started.