DataBase Designing

Eligibility Criteria

The team should consist of maximum 3 participants.
The participant must be enrolled as an undergraduate in any recognized Institute/University.
The participant should not be affiliated with organizing or management of this event.


This competition is of 2 rounds and a total of 3 hour time limit. In every round you will have time limit of 1 hour to complete your work .
• It will be tool(PHPmyAdmin and Star UML) based
In the first round ( Limit 1 Hour) difficulty level - beginner
• You will have to design a database model for the given scenario using the following:
• Entity-Relationship Diagram (ERD).
• Creating the required database using the tools.
In the second roung( Limit 1 Hour) difficulty level – mid to advance
• You will be asked to write down queries to get desired outputs from a given database. Creating new tables if possible to meet the requirements of the 2nd scenario.

Evaluation Criteria

• Legibility of the diagram
• Proper use of diagram elements.
• Standards in design should be followed.
• Compulsory requirements of the scenario are fulfilled or not.

Rules and Regulation

• Any kind of device will not be allowed during competition.
• Once the competition start no participant can leave the room. If any participant leaves he cannot continue the competition.
• The decision of judges will be final and cannot be challenged.
• Participants must bring their University ID Card.
• Students suspected of cheating, in the judge's estimation, will be disqualified and asked to leave.

What is Database Designing?

This competition will allow teams of one or two students to utilize their analysis, design, and SQL coding skills and apply them to the given real business problem within the given period of time. The database design will consist of an Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) and a relational schema, which will be turned in for scoring.

Fees: Rs. 500/person

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Bonus Points Criteria

• Good layout presentation of the diagram

Database Designing