About ChatBot

The 2016 Edition of ITEC is finally here bringing together students from all over Karachi to compete in some of the toughest IT challenges and discover the brightest talents of our city. Gaditek the flag bearer of Change & Innovation brings yet another pioneering challenge for participants with its inventive ‘ChatBot Challenge’ at ITEC 2016.

ChatBot short for Chat Robot is a computer program with the ability to conduct human conversations using artificial intelligence. Usually, chatbots are designed to engage with humans but new developments are being made to create chatbots that can talk to other each other.


Participants will be required to design a ChatBot application for human interaction. The competition will have the following rules:

  • Teams of 3 people each will be eligible for the ChatBot Challenge
  • Frameworks allowed for designing the ChatBot include: MS Bot, Pandora Bot,, fb chatbot
  • The Programming platform will be Open
  • The maximum duration of the project will be 3 Hours
  • Team projects will be evaluated on two major criteria:

    1. Time taken to complete the Challenge
    2. Coding Quality of the Challenge

    One winner will take away the grand prize of $250 and respect of the one of leading edge organizations in Karachi.

    At Gaditek We Believe in Innovation and you can be the catalyst for innovation by taking up our stimulating ITEC 2016 ChatBot Challenge. If you have magnificence in your mind we have the perfect test stretch your intellectual limits, be part of the Gaditek ChatBot Challenge … and find out!