About ITEC

"Information technology and business are becoming inextricably interwoven. I don't think anybody can talk meaningfully about one without the talking about the other."  - Bill Gates

Commemorating this pearl of wisdom, the department of Computer Science and Information Technology along with NEDUET ACM Student Chapter presents the 9th rendition of the Information Technology Exhibition and Competition, ITEC. Appraising the adeptness and venerating the expertise, setting standards that intensify your potentiality, evaluating the dexterousness through mind boggling contests and winnowing the tech geniuses from promising young minds. That’s all about ITEC’16 as we believe “Innovation is Revolution”. ITEC 2016 also brings along the annual version of its recognizing variable, "CAREER TECH". Since 2013, this assorted component has made a gigantic commitment in giving a necessary presage to the vocations of I.T. experts with incredible possibilities.

ITEC is now about to kick off another round of what will separate the adept from the uninitiated, in order to rejuvenate the SPARK of Innovation in all of us. That, is easier assumed than accomplished. We will be putting you through challenges that will overwhelm your brain and wrestle with your wits. Don't let the seemingly impossible fool you, it's all possible if you mind your mind and your wits to it. GET TO IT.

Dreams have already been seen, decisions have already been taken, expectations have already been set, its time to sink your teeth into it and explore all avenues to make a headway.